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We believe in the powerful influence of creativity. To collectively inspire minds, connect with audiences and move hearts.

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We are MONDAYMedia.

We specialize in producing future-forward Brand Storytelling using documentaries, original series, films & photography.


We partner and collaborate to help businesses convey their stories and values so they can increase their impact on culture, drive revenue & loyalty and out preform their competition. We are very grateful to work with smart, creative people and make some pretty cool things.

We do all of this with the aim of bringing companies to life and attracting and retaining their most valuable audience, their customers.

We are a unique company committed to producing content centred around diversity, inclusion, equity, marginalized voices, sustainability, mental health & LGBTQ stories. If you're a Brand that shares these values and is looking to reach that next level in your storytelling, we'd love to connect with you!

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