Offering pro bono creative, technology, and marketing advisory services focused on early-stage female, non-binary, and BIPOC-led startups. We aim to give these companies a competitive edge in the marketplace that cuts through and gains traction through strategy, brand identity, partnerships, and creative work.

"Milk has always been about creation. Through our studios, we have fostered a community of makers and emerging artists in support of helping them achieve their creative goals. The incubator is an evolution of our commitment to talent and ideas."

Dena Monday
Founder, Monday Media


Our Criteria

We are looking for the following business and brand attributes:

Creative / Creator Ethos

Does your business tap into a creative artform or craft, facilitate creativity, or provide a platform for makers and creators?

Culture Expander

Are you creating something that is aimed at sharing or scaling a subculture? Does it find a new way-in for people to experience a culture?

Positive Impact

Did you create this product/business to drive a better future in an area – whether that is the environment/sustainability, or an underserved community?

Iconic Innovation

Have you identified an unmet need? Does your solution solve for the problem you’ve identified in a bold, new way that’s different from current solutions? What sets you apart?

Hustle (But Make It Healthy)

Do you bring vision, resilience, and follow-through to your work? Do you have the drive to make your business a real thing and do what it takes to execute? Do you pay attention to the details against your big vision? And in the process, what do you do to take care of yourself?



Some basic innovation program requirements

If we could take everyone, we would. Here is what we're looking for in ideal candidates.
Apply by the deadline
Must apply by the deadline to be considered – click “Apply” for specific dates.
18 years or older
Must be 18 years of age or older to apply. Sorry kids.
Canadian based company
Must be based in Canada does not have to be based in Toronto.
Conducting business in Canada
Preference will be given to startups conducting business in the US.

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