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Creative Relief Fund

Pitch - Creative Summary


Shot in a major metropolitan city (ex: Liberty Village), all characters live in the same condo building (Town homes in the bottom single units up top). They’ve interacted with each other in their daily lives without knowing, & now in quarantine although unusual at times end up interacting in one-way or another. Idea is to show how we really don’t know how many “different types of families” can all live in the same place, & lead completely different lives. Although the thought of social distancing & quarantine might be slightly exhausted at this point, it’s important to remember that art mimics history, & this is definitely a historical time with the opportunity to have some great art become a product of it.


Character/Family #1 – Playboy TinMan Finally Gets his Heart
Single Male (35) living in in PH condo of major metro city with his dog. Works in advertising & is used to meeting people & taking clients out regularly, & is heavy in the dating scene. We see this character change as the weeks in isolation progress, & as the loneliness slowly starts getting to him. He is active on hinge & has never learned how to properly communicate with women. We see this character develop, but also spiral, as he tries to learn to communicate with someone he’s met on Hinge, but really does some deep internal self reflection as well. Throughout short when needing to go outside or on balcony casually runs into daughter from fam #4 & doesn’t realize it’s someone cat-fishing him on Hinge who he’s really been hitting it off with.


Character Family #2 – But what is a TikTok? 
Single Mother (42) with two kids one in elementary school (11) one in high-school (17 – goes to school with teen in fam #4 ) – 2 bedroom apt
Mother works at a grocery store & has to still go to work. Kids are at home being “homeschooled” which has been proven difficult since all they really care to do is TikTok & argue with each other. The 17yr old is dealing with missing her senior year & Prom & the other is dealing with having an older sibling now turned pseudo parent while their mother is away. Mother goes through her own daily struggles & comes home stressed out & worried for her future & her children’s.


Character/Family #3 – Two is Company, Three’s FML
Young couple (28-32 yrs old) dealing with newly having moved in together & now the excitement is gone as they both will be working from home & around each other 24/7. In an unusual turn of events a friend of the BF’s had come home from a trip with nowhere to crash & now finds himself social distancing in a 550sq ft. with the couple, out of a job, & getting real up close & personal learning more about his friends & their relationship than he’d probably like.


Character/Family #4 – Almost an Empty Nest
Another family; mother, father & 3 kids. One kid was about to graduate high school (17 – goes to school with teenager in family #2) One kid was about to graduate UBC (21) and is now back home dealing with the change/move back from the west-coast, one was out of the house & living alone but lost her job at a restaurant & now has moved back home (26 – cat-fishing guy#1). Parents are dealing with almost having all of the kids out of the house and now everyone’s back under the same roof with no idea when this will all be over.


*Character/family can be changed/added*

Thank You for Your Consideration.

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